The official website of Nam Le, author of the debut collection of short stories, THE BOAT.
"The Boat is tremendous, challenging and ambitious, worthy of the same shelf that holds Dubliners and The Things They Carried." — Charles D'Ambrosio
"The Boat will be read for as long as people read books. Its vision and its power are timeless." — Mary Gaitskill
"A really once-in-a-lifetime book." — Richard Ford
"Wonderful stories that snarl and pant across our crazed world ... An extraordinary performance. Nam Le is a heartbreaker, not easily forgotten." — Junot Díaz
"A breathtakingly assured collection of stories — powerful, moving, unsparingly honest ... A tremendous debut." — William Boyd
"Stories of leaping power and the most breathtaking grace and intimacy." — Helen Garner
"From the very first page of The Boat, Nam Le’s extraordinary talent, range of vision, and moral courage make the reader sit up and take notice." — John Burnham Schwartz
"A brilliant heart has conceived and written these gripping narratives." — Andrew Solomon
"In the first story of this fine collection, Nam Le has already demonstrated the kind of courage and directness it takes most writers years to achieve." — Adam Haslett
"Nam Le writes with a rare blend of courage and beauty." — Chris Offutt

Photograph Clifford Ross